Central Pier – Summer Season Programmes

4 February 2012

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The Premier Pierrots of 1920 

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The Wylie-Tate Super Pierrots of 1922

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The Wylie-Tate Super Pierrots of 1925

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The Wylie-Tate Super Pierrots of 1927

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White Blackbirds – 1928

A Jolly Good Companee – 1930

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Royal Follies – 1931

Royal Follies 1932 

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Royal Follies – 1933 

Royal Follies – 1934

Royal Follies – 1935

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Royal Follies – 1936

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Royal Follies – 1937

Royal Follies – 1938 

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Royal Follies – 1939 

The Arcadian Follies – 1940 

Summer Smiles – 1942

Randle’s Scandals – 14th Sept to 27th Sept 1942


Highlights of 1943

(Pierrot – Roy Barbour, Leslie Strange, Terry Wilson, Len Martin, Louis Jenart and Bob Douglas.) (Pierrette – Enis Clare, Josephine, Marie Rich, Catherine and Dunne Trio,)(Piano – Nancy Dupree and Marie Madgwick.)

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Highlights of 1944

(Pierrot – Roy Barbour, Terry Wilson, Cliff Cook, Herbert Cave, Len Martin, Max Herman and Bob Douglas.) (Pierrette – Jean Ann Summers, Gladys Church, Marie Rich and Four Step Sisters) (Piano – Nancy Dupree and Laurie Watson)

Highlights of 1945

(Pierrot – Roy Barbour, Terry Wilson, Arthur Worsley, Jack Kinson, Len Martin, Vincent Vaughan and Bertie Sellers.) (Pierette – La Celeste, June, Lorrayn, Mary Kinson, Marie Rich and Mary Hale.) (Piano – Nancy Dupree and Rex Halm)


Highlights of 1946

Roy Barbour, Bunty Meadows, Peter Raynor, Terry Wilson, Wilfred Asquith, Reggie Dennis, Margaret Lunn, Lionel King, Violet Plowman.

Highlights of 1947

Roy Barbour, Jack Hayes, Jerome Andre, Raymond Smith, Percy Manchester, Gladys Church, Helga Stone, Wyn Kirby, Rex Halm, Gil Roberts, Margaret Lunn, Arthur Tolcher, Peter Maurice Co.

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Highlights of 1948

(Pierrot – Roy Barbour, Clifford Stanton, Jack Hayes, Billy Eaves, Roger Aldridge and Len Forum.) (Pierrette – Vera Kitchen, Dorothy Larraine, Jean Dooley and Joyce Terry,) (Piano – Gil Roberts and Hal Chambers)

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Orchid Room – 1949

Frankie Howerd, Ted Andrews with Barbara, Miss Hero de Rance, Dr. Roman M. Marek, Carl & Faith Simpson with Humanettes, Tont Heaton, Freddy & Paul King.


Thanks for the Memory in The Gay Nineties – 1950

Victor Coley, Paul Conrad, The Six Silver Belles and Terry Doogan, Sereno and Joy, Randolph Sutton, Talbot O’Farrell, Ella Shields, Artemus, Desmond and Marks, Gertie Gitana, Billy Danvers and G.H.Elliott.

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Right Monkey – 1951

Al Read, Phyllis Terrell, Buddy Crawford, Johnny Brandon, David Hughes, Ruth Miller, Bobbie Kimber, Bel Argay, Eric Plant, Allan Young and his Organtones and Annette’s lovely young ladies.

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Randle’s Summer Scandals – 1952

Frank Randle, Philip Kelly, Gus Aubrey, Sally Summers and Dizzi, Sonny Roy, Kandy Sisters and Eddie, The Three Palmers, Marie Joy, Kay Sothern, A.J.Powell and Florence Whiteley’s Zio Angels

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Modley’s Merrymakers – 1953

Albert Modley, The Raymond Four. Lynda Ross, Ronnie Duke, Ken Wilson, Devine and King, Lorely Dyer and Annette’s Young Ladies.

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Modley’s Merry Go Round – 1954

Central Pier. Starring Albert Modley, Arthur Worsley, The Kordites from ‘Variety Theatre, Ronnie Leslie, Jimmy Hampson and Benson Dulay and Co.

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Let’s Have Fun – 1955

Morecambe & Wise, Kenny Baker, Ken Dodd, The Kordites, Jimmy Clitheroe, Peter Webster, Joy Harris, Rita Shearer, Harold Norway, Bert Myers and The Orchid Lovelies.

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 Let’s Have Fun – 1956

Jimmy James, Dennis Spicer, Trio Vedette, Corinne, The Orchid Room Lovelies, Jimmy Clitheroe, Joy Harris, Ken Dodd , Peter Webster, Jerry Vantell, Rita Shearer and Roy Castle

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Let’s Have Fun 1957

Morecambe & Wise, The Three Deuces, Dennis Spicer, Maureen Rose, Eddie Grant, Joan Turner, The Orchid Room lovelies, Kenny Baker, The Three Bells, Peter Webster and Rita Shearer.

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Let’s Have Fun 1958

Ken Dodd, Josef Locke, Vanda, Brenda Barry, Don Lang, Wally Harper, Roy Earl, Yvonne Michel & Eric.

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Let’s Have Fun 1959

Morecambe & Wise, Jimmy James, Trio Vedette, David Galbraith, Shelley Marshall, Babette, Roy Earl.

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Let’s Have Fun – 1960

Ken Morris and Joan Savage, Clinton Ford, Harry Bailey, The Crescendos, Jim Couton, Brian Budge, Zio Angels, Johnny Duffy , Val Cave, Peter Webster, Scott and Ascot, Babette and Rita Shearer.

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The Tommy Trinder Show – 1961

Tommy Trinder, Dennis Spicer, Hope and Keen, Brian Budge, Zio Angels, Rita Shearer, Sonny Farrar, Peggy Ray and Peter Webster.

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The Tommy Trinder Show – 1962

Tommy Trinder, Clinton Ford, Kenny Baker, Rita Shearer, Peggy Ray, John Harvey.

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On with the Modley – 1963

Albert Modley, Don Arrol, The Mudlarks, Barbara Law, The Zio Angels, Rita Shearer, Mark Raffles, Julian Jorg and Peter Webster.

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The Al Read Show – 1964

Al Read, Johnny Hackett, Zio Angels, The Bachelors, Marlane Marcel, Ray Fell, Cy Pagos and Dick Francis.

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The Bob Monkhouse Show – 1965

Bob Monkhouse, Luciano, Mike Yarwood, Neville King, Helen Turner.

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Peter Webster Presents – 1966

Winifred Atwell – Johnny Hackett – Eddie Calvert – Mark Wynter.

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The New Jack Storey Show – 1967

Jack Storey, Keith Harris, Jamie Nelson and the Light Brothers, Paul Bernard, Marie Ford and the Central Pier Lovelies.

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The Dixieland Palace replaced Central Pier’s pavilion, above the Golden Goose Arcade on the 31st of May 1967.

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Star Show – 1968

Solomon King, Don Partridge, Les Dawson, Ray Martine, Steve Montgomery, Jim Couton, Joan Savage and Jimmy Crawford Four.

Comedian Les Dawson, appeared on Opportunity Knocks, and landed a contract for his first Blackpool summer season – at Central Pier. He enjoyed it so much, he moved to Islay Road, St Anne’s, where he lived until his death from a heart attack on the 11th of June 1993.

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The Andy Stewart Show – 1969

Andy Stewart, Johnny Ball, Joe Gordon and Sally Logan, Jimmy Blue, Jock Morgan, Dixie Ingram, Nancy Hays, Sandra Sinclair and Sydney Devine.

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The Al Read Show – 1970

Al Read, Nat Jackley, The Eric Winstone Show Band, Lena Martell, and Josef Locke.

Those Good Old Days – 1971

Clinton Ford, Jim Couton, Syd Francis, Duggie Clark, Janis Loren, Mark Raffles, Margaret Ayre, Jane Terry and Sean M.Kenzie.

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Those Good Old Days – 1972 

Ryan & Ronnie, Clinton Ford, Alec Pleon, Jane Terry, Bryn Williams, Lawrie Adam, Lavinia Smith, Kay Williams.

Those Good Old Days – 1973 

Malcolm Vaughan, Wyn Calvin, Bob and Marion Konyot, Duggie Clark, Ken Wood, Anna Da Costa, Jane Terry, Gary Webb and Harry Jackson.

In 1973 fire destroyed the Dixiland Bar

Those Good Old Days – 1974 

Lambert and Ross, Wyn Calvin, Duggie Clark, Derek Holt, Julie Fisher, George Reibbitt, Wendy Smith and Virginia Vernon.

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Those Good Old Days – 1975 

Len Howe, John Bouchier, Louis Browne, Du Marte & Denzar “Skeleton’s Alive”, Margot Lloyd and John Stanley, Jane Price, Tracy Kelly and Gary Webb.

Those Good Old Days – 1976

Bryan Burdon, Margot Lloyd and John Stanley, Gerrie Raymond, Dennis Lake, Mandy Cole, Llewellyn Williams, Colin Cresswell, Paula Lee and Claudi and Shelli, The Gorgeous Gaiety Girls and Fred Hallet.

Those Good Old Days – 1977 

Wyn Calvin, Duggie Clark, Ken Joy, The Twain Brothers, Annette Cotton, Deirdre Douglas, Dennis Lake and Kerry Meadows.

Those Good Old Days – 1978 

Duggie Clark, Syd Francis, Tommy Trafford, Dumarte and Denzar, Joan Duffy, Jane Terry, Keith Hopkins, Marie Ashton and Ronnie Parnell.

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Those Good Old Days – 1979

Neville King, Ronnie Parnell, Tommy Trafford, Glenys Carrolle, Tom Eaton, Keith Hopkins, Michael John, Kay Karroll and Marie Ashton.

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Those Good Old Days – 1980

Nut and Bolts, Billy Fontayne, Tommy Trafford, Ronnie Parnell, Steve Blake and Barbara, Pam Hopkins, Sonny Day and Mandy Salisbury.

Those Good Old Days – 1981 

Neville King, Billy Fontayne, Brian McGuire, Ronnie Parnell, Judith Mars, Barton Sisters and Tom Eaton.

Those Good Old Days – 1982 

Wyn Calvin, Barrie Wyndham, Montelli and June, Jo Ronell and Ronnie Parnell.

Startime’83 – 1983 Summer Season

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25th May – 2nd July – The Bachelors, Bobby Davro, Ian “Sludge” Lees, Bill Gore, Helen Jayne.

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4th July – 3rd September – Frankie Vaughan,  Al Robbins, Terry Webster, Simon Lovell, Helen Jayne.

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5th September – 15th October – Vince Hill, Duncan Norvelle, Ronnie Collis, Helen Jayne.

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Every Sunday – 29th May to 16th October – Tom O’Connor – ‘Name that Tune’.

Startime’84 – 1984 Summer Season

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Tom O’Connor, Bobby Crush, Sonny Hayes & Co, J.J.King, Roy Walker, Peter Price, Les Dennis, Dustin Gee, Houghton Weavers, The Marina Zelos Dancers, Bella Emberg and The Mosaics.

24th May to 30th June – Norman Collier with Bobby Crush and Sonny Hayes & Co.
2nd July to 15th Sept. – Paul Squire with Roy Walker, The Mosaics and Two-Che.
17th Sept to 27th Oct. – Les Dennis and Dustin Gee, with Bella Emberg and Peter Price.
Sunday nights from 27th May – Tom O’Connor “Name That Tune”
22nd, 29th July and 5th Aug. – The Houghton Weavers

The Dixieland on Central Pier was refurbished in June 1986, becoming Maggie May’s Showbar.

Linda Nolan played nine consecutive summer seasons there.


Maggie Mays – 1990

Linda Nolan, Mick Miller, Paul Zenon, Leesantoo

Maggie Mays – 1991

Linda Nolan with Mick Miller, Junior Jonsen, Eduardo Santos and Philadelphia Flame.

Maggie Mays – 1992

Linda Nolan, Dave Wolfe, Franklyn James and Keith Kristy’s Witticombe Fair.

Maggie Mays – 1993

Linda Nolan, Ian ‘Sludge’ Lees and Jimmy Tamley.

Maggie Mays – 1994

Linda Nolan, Johnnie Casson, Trevor Bradford, Maximum Reality and The Rossettes.

“Maggie Mays” ‘The Laugh Inn’ – 1995

Crissy Rock, Mick Miller, Johnnie Casson, Albi Senior and Nu Attitide.

“Peggy Sue’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Showbar” – 1996

“Peggy Sue’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Showbar” – 1997

“The Frank Carson Show” – 1998

Andy Ford, Jonathan Clark and Szara King

“Peggy Sue’s Rockarama ‘98” Sunday Show – 1998
Sue Denning, Jimmy Nairn, Vicki Rogers, Juanita Margerison, Lara Nairn, Gemma Hayes, Emma Noon and Lee Masters.

Stand up that will have you Rolling in the Aisles’ – 1999

Trevor Chance’s “Legends” – 2003

Hostess Stella Artois.