Novelty Postcards

7 July 2010

Read about Blackpool’s History >>> here <<<


A selection of novelty postcards related to Blackpool


Silhouette and fortune teller postcard


A “FAB” Patchwork postcard. The idea was to cut along the guide line on the silk patch and then stitch them together to make a table cloth, cushion cover or teapot cover !
This one shows a general view of the promenade


A storm at Blackpool


North Shore – Showing the Metropole Hotel


The Ballroom at The Tower


The Alhambra


A Royal Mail van with a radiator which open to reveal 12 images of Blackpool


The back of the Post door opens to reveal scenes of Blackpool


The bag of the postman opens to show scenes of Blackpool


The postman’s bag opens and shows fold-out scenes of Blackpool


A Midget postcard sent from South Shore, Blackpool. Measures 87 mm x 70 mm


Silk postcard on thin paper


Hold to Light


‘Hold to light’ postcard including the Big Wheel and Winter Gardens


This superb airship card opens to show at least 12 views


This postcard folds out with more full size postcards to be torn off and used


A brilliant view of aircraft, one with a side display to be opened to show 12 views


The cat’s tail is moved to the weather of the day


The Honey Pot opens to reveal a selection of Blackpool views


A great novelty postcard dated 1907 – Panorama of Blackpool


Bathing “suits” lift up to reveal numerous scenes


An artist drawn postcard showing that the cart lifts up to show views


A brilliant fold-out set of 12 scenes from the Carnival


A brilliant souvenir postcard with a fold-out set of 12 scenes from the Carnival


Embossed fish with smoked kippers to the left


Comic postcard showing a charabanc full of people