Grand Theatre – Summer Season Programmes

23 July 2011
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Switzerland – 1938

It’s a Funny Thing – 1940

 Harry Korris, Irving Kaye, Tessie O’Shea, Robby Vincent, Cecil Frederick

Happidrome – 1941

Harry Korris, Hutch, Evelyn Laye, Tessie O’Shea, Rawicz and Landauer, Gwen Catley

1942 – Split Season

No Orchids for Miss Blandish – 4th June for 7 Weeks

Let’s Face It –  for 3 Weeks

Happidrome – 17th August for 4 Weeks

Happidrome of 1943 – 1943

Harry Korris & Co., Pat Kirkwood and Hutch

We’re Coming Over – 1944

Afrique, Ethel Revnell, Gracie West, Wilson, Keppel and Betty

Hoopla! – 1945

Polly Ward, Suzette Tarri, Robb Wilton, Max Wall, Harold Berens, Harry Lester, Tiller Girls

Five Feathers – 1946

Billy Reid, Dorothy Squires, Duggie Wakefield, Derek Roy

Out of the Blue – 1947

Ralph Reader, Mary Naylor, Jeannie Carson, Dick Emery, Reg Dixon, Cardew Robinson

Something in the Air – 1948

Ted Ray, Jill Manners, Syd and Max Harrison, Henry Hall and his orchestra

Buttons and Bows – 1949 Summer Season

Donald Peers, Norman Wisdom, Billy Russell, Gloria Day

Sunny Serenade – 1950 Summer Season

Jack Radcliffe, Jimmy Wheeler, Jeanne Francis

Hobson’s Choice – 1951 Summer Season

Wilfred Pickles, Lally Bowers, Derek Oldham

The Blue Lamp – 1952 Summer Season

Bonar Colleano, Gordon Harker, Jack Warner, Susan Shaw, Warren Mitchell

The Love Match – 1953 Summer Season

Arthur Askey, Thora Hird, Glen Melvyn, Danny Ross

The Archers – 1954 Summer Season

Jack Warner, Joyce Barbour, Charles Victor, Dandy Nicholls, Peter Byrne

Love and Kisses – 1955 Summer Season

Arthur Askey, Glenn Melvyn, Anthea Askey, Danny Ross and Lally Bowers

Charley’s Aunt – 1956 Summer Season to August 12th

Richard Hearne

Saturday Night at The Crown – 1956 and also August 13th (latterly for a season run)

Thora Hird, Mollie Sugden, Richard Dare

Ride a Cock Horse – 1957 Summer Season

Wilfred and Mabel Pickles

Friends and Neighbours – 1958 Summer Season

Mollie Sugden, Glenn Melvyn, Valentine Dyall and Danny Ross

Happy Days – 1959 Summer Season

Thora Hird, Peter Sinclair and Pat Phoenix

Pillar to Post – 1960 Summer Season

Glenn Melvyn, Danny Ross, Betty Driver and Joe Gladwin

What a Racket – 1961 Summer Season

Arthur Askey, Betty Driver and Beatrice Varley

The Best Laid Schemes – 1962 Summer Season

Thora Hird, Freddie Frinton and Michael Medwin

We’re Frying Tonight – 1963 Summer Season

Jimmy Clitheroe, Mollie Sugden, Albert Burdon and Peter Butterworth

What a Joy Ride – 1964 Summer Season

Glenn Melvyn, Hylda Baker, Duncan MacRae and Danny Ross

My Perfect Husband – 1965 Summer Season

Thora Hird and Freddie Frinton

Second Honeymoon – 1966 Summer Season

Arthur Askey, Betty Alberge, Cardew Robinson and Sally Barnes

Wedding Fever – 1967 Summer Season

Starring Freddie Frinton, Beryl Mason and Danny Ross

Don’t Tell the Wife – 1968 Summer Season

Jack Douglas, Joan Heal, Barry Sinclair and Bill Tasker

His Favourite Family – 1969 Summer Season

Sidney James and Beryl Mason

Nearest and Dearest – 1970 Summer Season

Hylda Baker, Jimmy Jewel, Joe Gladwin, Madge Hindle and Barry Howard

Not on your nelly – 1971 Summer Season

Hylda Baker, Pamela Pitchford, Joe Gladwin, Ken Platt, Barbara Halliwell

The Love Nest – 1972 Summer Season

Jack Douglas, John Inman, Jacqui Toye and Lucille Gaye

From 1973 – 1976 – Closed

 1977 – 1980 – Bingo at The Grand

The Mating Game – 1981

Barbara Windsor, Trevor Bannister, Jack Smethurst

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – 1982 Summer Season

Jess Conrad, Peter Lawrence, Robert Dallas and Sian Evans

Keith Harris – 1983 Summer Season

Keith Harris and Friends, Jacqui Scott and Bobby Crush

Laugh with Les – 1984 Summer Season

Les Dawson, Ray Cornell’s Wild Affair, The Jolly Brothers, Roly Polys and Roy Barraclough

The Price is Right – 1985 Summer Season

Leslie Crowther, Gordon Scott and Gary Wilmot

1986 Split Summer Season

Run for Your Wife – from 20th June

Les Dawson, Eric Sykes, Peter Goodwright and Jan Hunt

Jimmy Cricket All Laughter Spectacular – 7th October to 2nd November 1986

1987 – Spilt Summer Season

Gary Wilmot & Co. – Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs

The Stan Boardman Show – Fri, Sat & Sun

Danny La Rue Show – 7th Sept – 1st Oct

Run for your Wife – 5th to 31st Oct

Les Dawson, Peter Goodwright, Anna Dawson, Jilli Foot, John Boulter, Brian Cant

Bobby Davro’s Laughter Show – 1988 Summer Season

Mike Lancaster, Sonny Hayes & Co. and Pepe and friends

All Laughter Spectacular – 1989 Summer Season

The Grumbleweeds, Brian Conley and The Nolans

Rock With Laughter – 1990 Summer Season

Little & Large, Gerry and the Pacemakers and Billy Pearce

Comedy Bonanza – 1998

Joe Pasquale and The Grumbleweeds

Comedy Bonanza – 1999

Bucks’ Fizz, Cannon & Ball, Johnnie Casson, The Roly Polys, Frank Carson


Comedy Bonanza – 2000

John Inman, Billy Pearce, The Nolans, Kev Orkian, Jimmy Cricket

The Joe Longthorne Show – 2001

Joe Longthorne, Billy Pearce, Keith Harris

Comedy Bonanza – 2002

Cannon & Ball, The Barron Knights, The Roly Polys

Billy Pearce Laughter Show – 2003

Billy Pearce, The Grumbleweeds

Boogie Nights, the 70’s musical – 2004

Jimmy Osmond, Billy Pearce

Jimmy Osmond’s American Jukebox – 2005

The Osmond Brothers (Jimmy, Jay & Wayne), Billy Pearce, Emma Gilmore, & Stephen Dean