South Pier – Summer Season Programmes

4 January 2012

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Souvenir Programme – 1922

Fred Warmsley – ” The Tonics”


How Do Folk ! – 1942

Norman Evans, Georgie Wood, Dolly Harmer and Joe Crastonian

Arcadian Follies – 5th Oct to 11th Oct


How Do Again, Folk – 1943

Norman Evans

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Lady Here’s A Laugh – 1944

Duggie Wakefield, Billy Nelson, Jimmy Clitheroe, Karina, Albert Burdon and Donald Peers


Taylor Made – 1945

Frank Randle, Donald Peers, Jimmy Clitheroe, Albert Burdon, Freda Barrie, Gladys Church and Gus Aubrey

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Regal – Tinker Taylor – 1946

Frank Randle, Norman Evans, Tessa Deane

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Rainbow – Rainbow Revels – 1946

Albert Burdon, Jimmy Clitheroe


Regal – Regal Revue – 1947

Frank Randle & Co. Sally Barnes

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Rainbow – Rainbow Revue – 1947

Jimmy Clitheroe, Albert Burdon, Freda Barrie, Karina and Janet Haley

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Regal – Dave Morris Show – 1948

Dave Morris and the ‘Dave Morris’ Rainbow Revellers’ starring Allen brothers and June, Tom- Katz Saxophone six, Marion Sanders, Tony Ventere, Jack Walker, Gene Anderton, Billy Smith, Harry Vardon, Wally Wood, Evans and Bevans, Valerie Rayburn, Talbot Brown, Nancy Stevens, The John Joyce Four, Rob Douglas, Guy Holloway, Ray Penn and Peter Johnson

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Rainbow – The Rainbow Revellers – 1948

Wally Wood, Evans & Bevan


Regal – The Dave Morris Show – 1949 

Rainbow – The Rainbow Revellers – 1949 

Regal – The Dave Morris Show – 1950

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Rainbow – The Rainbow Revels – 1950

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Dave Morris in Club Night – 1951

Dave Morris, Billy Smith, Fred Ferris, Joe Gladwin, Anna Alexis, Betty Sagon, Frank Bass, Paul Waring

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Regal – Dave Morris in Club Night – 1952

Dave Morris, Harry Marsh, Joe Gladwin, Phil Riley, Paul Waring, Keith Cairns, Bette Lee, Jean Ritchers

Rainbow – 1952

Charlie Parsons and his Rainbow Pierrots


Regal Revue – 1953

Bill Waddington, Terry Wilson, Mavis Whyte, Zampanela,


Rainbow – 1953

Rainbow Pierrots of 1953

Regal – She’s Funny That Way – 1954

Gladys Morgan and Kirk Stevens

Rainbow – 1954

Rainbow Pierrots of 1954

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Regal – Zip, Goes a Million – 1955

Tom Moss, Garter Girls, Percy Pickles


Rainbow – 1955

Charlie Parsons and his Rainbow Pierrots

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Regal – She Knows Y’Know – 1956

Hylda Baker, Albert and Les Ward, Billy McCormack, Donovan and Hayes, Viki Emra and Hazel Gee


Rainbow – 1956

Rainbow Pierrots, Charlie Parsons, Phil Kelly, The 3 Shades

Regal – Rockin’ the Pier – 1957

Denny Willis, Wilson Keppel and Betty, Gilbert, Billie Wyner, Tony Vallance, Eileen Keegan, Johnnie Mack


Rainbow – 1957

Rainbow Pierrots, Pete Martin, George Rex, Benny Garcia

Regal – Hey There ! – 1958

Shirley Bassey and Norman Evans (taken ill), 28th June – 2nd August


Regal – Hey There ! – 1958 

 Ted Lune, Sheila Buxton, Morton Fraser’s Harmonica Gang, 4th August for season


Rainbow – 1958

Regal – Dave’s Back – 1959 

Dave Morris


Regal – Let’s Go – 1960


Rainbow – 1960


Regal – Lets Go – 1961

Robert Earl The Mudlarks Billy Raymond Brian Alexis Jimmy Paige Mimi Pearse


Rainbow – 1961

Regal – Lets Go – 1962 

Joe Henderson, Ken Platt, Don Rennie, Julie Jones and Mimi Pearse

Rainbow – Rainbow Pierrots of 1962

In 1962 the Regal Theatre was leased to Mr. T.H. Laine, and converted in the Beachcomber amusement arcade.

The Big Whit Show of 1963

1st June to 9th June inclusive

Danny Williams, Sheila Buxton, Ted Lune, Peter Cavanagh, Ray Peters, Voltairs with Sammy King

Rainbow – The Big Star Show – 1963 

The Karl Denver Trio, Marty Wilde, Eden Kane, Julie Grant, Larry Burns

Fire struck on two occasions. Firstly in February 1958 at the Rainbow Theatre Grand Pavilion, then again at the newly built New Rainbow Theare in 1965. Alterations were made to the front of the pier and attractive new bars and amusements arcades added. The orchestras have disappeared, but the opened air entertainment continues in the form of thrill rides.  

The Big Star Show – 1964

Joe Brown & The Bruvvers, The Tornadoes, Mike Preston, Al Paige, Bobby Bennett

The Big Star Show – 1965

Gerry & The Pacemakers, Gene Vincent, Karl Denver

The Big Star Show – 1966

Adam Faith, Marty Wilde, Lorne Gibson Trio and The Tornadoes

South Pier – Summer Season Programme – 1967 – Day Shows

Sooty Show, All Star Wrestling, Party Show etc.

Boeing Boeing – 1967

Hugh Lloyd, Dandy Nichols, Jimmy Thompson, Ann Sidney, Vicki Woolf, Christina Taylor

Who’s Your Funny Friend – 1968

Jimmy Jewel, Glen Melvyn, Raymond Francis, Barbara Miller, Kerry Jewel, Kevin Frazer, Rosalynn Elvin, Lee Hudson

The Big Show of 1969

 Freddie & The Dreamers, The Cool Cats, Bert Weedon, The Paper Dolls, Ray Fell & Roy Kitter

The Big Show of 1970

Freddie & The Dreamers, The Krankies, Ivor Emmanuel, Susan Maugham, Mike Newman

The Big Star Show – 1971

Harry H. Corbett, Kathy Kirby, Dave Dee, Clive Lea, Dave Ismay

The Laugh Inn – 1972

The Grumbleweeds, Alan Fox, Lambert and Ross, Syd Francis and Barbara Law

The Laugh Inn – 1973

The Grumbleweeds, Johnny Ball, Mike Terry, Karen Kay

The Laugh Inn – 1974

Candlewick Green, Mike Terry, She (Kathy, Chris and Ellie) Joe Belcher and Emerson and Jayne

The Jolson Summer Revue – 1975

Freddie Garrity, Ann Emery, Charles Vance, Eddie Davies and Charlie Gray, Steve Sabre and Harry Foster

A Super Summer Night Out – 1976

The Black Abbotts, Alfonso de los Rios, Mike Newman, Duggie Clarke and Pip and Geoff George

Laugh Inn – 1977 

The Black Abbotts, Kenny Smiles, Roy Walker and Paul Derek.

Laugh Inn – 1978 

 Candlewick Green, Neville King, Mick Miller, Russ Stevens and Stocking Tops

Laugh Inn – 1979

Tomfoolery, Mick Miller, Nuts and Bolts, J.J.Stewart, The Wychwoods and The Angels

The Candlewick Green Show – 1980

Ward Allen, Hal Nolan, McLean Sisters and Russ Stevens

Sunday Show – 1980 

The Candlewick Green Show – 1981

Mick Miller, Walter Gee, Young Love and Star Puppets

Startime – 1982

Paul Shane, Black Onyx, Anderson Sisters, Billy Fontayne and Star Puppets

Sunday Concerts – 1982

The Rockin’ Berries Fun Show – 1983

Bernie Clifton, The Sheratons, Elspeth, Ray Cornell’s Dream Girls

Sunday Concerts – 1983

The Dooleys Spectacular – 1984

The Dooleys, Tom Bright & Suzy Breeze, Dawson Chance, Roy Cornell’s Dream Girls

South Pier Show – 1985

Candlewick Green, Al Dean

The Laughter Show – 1986 (18th July – 27th Sept)

Frank Carson, Patti Gold

Great Days of Music Hall – 1986 (29th Sept- 1st Nov)

Mike Donohoe, Robert Young

The Laughter Show – 1987 (17th July – 26th Sept)

Charlie Williams, Norman Collier, Cheryl Taylor, The International Mosaics, Vic Collier and The Coco Tots

Music Hall (Sat. Mon. Tues.) Variety Cavalcade (Wed. Thurs. Fri.)

1987 (30th May – 11th July) (28th Sept – 24th Oct)

Mike Donohoe, Ronnie Hilton

The Frank Carson Laugher Show 

1987 – Sundays, from 5th July

The Laughter Show – 1988

Tom O’Connor, Mick Miller, Babs & Spider, The International Mosaics and Ritzy Lady

The Laughter Show – 1989

Jimmy Cricket, Dave Lee, Katie Budd, Julian Russell, Renato

The Fabulous Danny La Rue Show – 1990

Mike Doyle and Danny’s Dazzling Company

The All New Jimmy Cricket Show – 1991

Morgan Lee James, The Minting Sisters, Basil Soper, Eli Woods, Malcolm Dixon, Ray Cornell Dancers, Dave Bintley Band

 Frankie Vaughan’s Golden Showstoppers – 1992

The Kaye Sisters, Alan Randall and Barnaby

The Magic of the Musicals in concert – 1993

Mark Rattray, Rebecca Storm 

Rosie O’Grady’s All-Star Music Hall – 1994

Frank Carson, The Bachelors, Norman Collier, Linda Nolan

The Frank Carson Show – 1995

Frank Carson, Duncan Norvelle, Linda Nolan, The Roly Polys

 The Duncan Norvelle Show – 1996

Barnaby, Trilogy, Dick Van Winkle, Dance Experience, Rob Cooke Band

Frank Carson and The Grumbleweeds – 1997

1998 – Replaced by Fanfair