North Pier – Summer Season Programmes

14 June 2011

The Lawrence Wright, “On with the Show” summer season shows on the North Pier began in 1924 and ran for a record-breaking 32 years (1924 – 1956).

1926 “On with the Show”

1927 “On with the Show”

Full cast and orchestra of,  “Me and Jane in a plane”

1927 “On with the Show”

Walter Williams, Winnie Collins, Fred Walmesley, Stanley Vilven, Stella Browne, Iris & Phyllis

1928 “On with the Show”

Fred Walmesley, Norman Long, Walter Williams, Ethel Stewart, Trevor Watkins

1929 “On with the Show”

Fred Walmsley, Trevor Watkins, Norman Long, Gladys Watson, The Glad Rag Dolls and Kathleen Lafla

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1930 “On with the Show”

Hal Swain, Fred Walmsley, Tom Devine, Maudie Francis, Myrtle Stewart, Trocadero Tiller Girls and Terry’s Famous Juveniles

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1931 “On with the Show”

Maurice Camby, Fred Walmesley, Sylvia Cecil, Alec Kellaway, Betty Warren, Roy Barbour, Little Eva, Tiller Girl

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1932 “On with the Show”

Fred Walmsley, Sidney Firman, Trevor Watkins, Sylvia Cecil, Roy Barbour, Betty Warren, North Pier Nippers and the Six Carnival Girls

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1933 “On with the Show”

Fred Walmesley, Mona Vivian, Desiree Ellinger, Arthur Lucas, Roy Barbour, Little Doreen, Jimmy Campbell

1934 “On with the Show”

Terry’s Juveniles, Fred Walmsley, Roy Barbour, Trevor Watkins, Tessie O’Shea and the Six Happy Girls

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1935 “On with the Show”

Roy Barbour, Marion Dawson, Lance Fairfax, Dorothy O’Dell, Bertha Ricardo, Clarence Wright and Annette Schultz

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1936 “On with the Show”

Robert Taylor, Rose Perfect, Revnell & West, Tony Heaton, Fred Wynne, Heather Gayle, Hal Swain, Terry’s Juveniles

On with the Show – 1937

Percy Manchester, Renee Foster, Syd Seymour and his Mad Hatters Band, Tessie O’Shea, Betty and Peter Dighton, Horace Kenney, Delyse, the 5 Sherry brothers and Terry’s Coronation Babies

On with the Show – 1938

Bertini and his famous band, Tessie O’Shea, Robert Naylor, Peggy Desmond, the 5 Sherry brothers, Alexis and Dorrano, Frank Randle and Marietta

On with the Show – 1939

Frank Randle, Lance Fairfax, Tessa Deane, Anita Martell, Bram Martin, Wheeler and Wilson, Barbara Wood, Sutherland Felce and The Marquis Trio

On with the Show – 1940

Dave Morris, Elsie Prince, Webster Booth, Annie Ziegler, Boloney Brothers and Alec Halls

On with the Show – 1941

Dave Morris, Bill Smith, Beryl Reid, Tessa Deane, Sidney Burchell, Don Phillipe, Bram Martin and Norman Thomas Trio

On with the Show – 1942

Dave Morris, Bill Smith, Bill Collinson (Collinson and Breen), Helen Hill and Sybil Summers

On with the Show – 1943

Dave Morris, Helen Hill, Henry Gill, Billy Smith, The Three Jacks

On with the Show – 1944

Dave Morris, Sylvia Cecil, Henry Gill, Mary Naylor, Billy Smith, Koba & Kalee

On with the Show – 1945

Dave Morris, Ingrid Hageman, Collinson and Breen, Robert Wilson

On with the Show – 1946

Collinson and Breen, Jimmy Campbell, Ingrid Hageman and Dave Morris

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On with the Show – 1947

Albert Modley, Helen Hill, John McHugh

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On with the Show – 1948

Bunny Doyle, Betty Jumel, Redvers Llewellyn, Sylvia Cecil

On with the Show – 1949

Albert Modley, Betty Jumel, Sylvia Robin, Tudor Evans, Peter and Sam Sherry, The Melomaniacs, Buster Shaver and his Wonder Lilliputians, The Three Falcons, Pat Hartley, Jimmy Campbell and The Tiller girls

On with the Show – 1950

Albert Modley, Tano Ferendinos, Maureen Rose, Betty Jumel, The Melomaniacs, Buster Shaver and his tiny stars, Olive, George and Richard (Lilliputians), John Tiller Girls, Diana Stuart and The Falcons.

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On with the Show – 1951

Ben Wrigley, John and Rene Arnaut, The Five Skyliners, Maureen Rose, The Humming Birds, Frank Stewart, Donna Mareska, Le Trio Carletti, Dale Rogers and Diana Rhodes.

On with the Show – 1952

Bob and Alf Pearson, Ernest Arnley, Gloria Day, Sylvia Gaye, Tudor Evans, Charles Warren and Jean, John Tiller Girls, The Cox Twins, The Miles Twins, Reco and May and Nemecs and Violet.

 On with the Show – 1953

The Beverley Sisters, Jack Storey, Jack Desmonde, The Three Monarchs, John Tiller Girls, The Dehl Trio, Freddie Harrison, Virginia Vernon and Phillip Kelly.

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On with the Show – 1954

Ann Shelton, Jack Storey, Ena Baguley, Phil Kelly, Ravel, Terry Hall and Joy Holman.

On with the Show – 1955

The Five Smith Brothers, Sally Barnes, Jimmy Paige, Philip Morgan, Joan Edwards, Rolf Hansen, The Mackell Twins, Nick Nissen and The Betty Hobbs Globe Girls.

On with the Show – 1956

This was the final year of the Lawrence Wright shows

Frankie Vaughan, Bert Waller, Wendy Brandon, Syd and Max Harrison, John Tiller Girls, The Dehl Trio, Ted Lune, Tony Edwards, Valerie Joy, Valerie Gray and Arthur Downes, The Southlanders and Sydney Walmsley who later used toe stage name Syd Francis.

 This was the final year of the Lawrence Wright shows

Show Time – 1957

Ruby Murray, Tommy Cooper and Ken Platt, supporting cast Morton Fraser’s Harmonica Gang, The Four Jones Boys, Patricia and Neil Delrina, the Show Time Lovelies and the voices of the Vernon’s.

Show Time – 1958

David Nixon, Edmund Hockridge,  Joan Regan, and the King Brothers, and supporting cast Billy Dainty, Les Trio Rayros, Reg Varney, George Mitchell Singers and the “Show Time” lovelies.

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Show Time – 1959

Charlie Drake, Edmund Hockridge, Three Monarchs, The Mudlarks and Doreen Hume, supporting cast Sheila Holt and Tom Gillis, Evers and Toni and Showtime Lovelies.

Show Time – 1960

Penny Calvert, Bruce Forsyth, Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carr, Elaine and Rodolph, The Three Monarchs and the Dancing Lovelies.

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Show Time – 1961

Michael Holliday, Des O’Connor, Doreen Hume, Lenny the Lion and Terry Hall.

Show Time – 1962

Harry Worth, Edmund Hockridge, Sheila Buxton, Bert Weedon, Billy Dainty, Les Angoly’s and the Lovelies.

Show Time – 1963

Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, Russ Shepherd, Matt Munro, Lena Martell, Saveen, Daisy May and Friends, The Strong Brothers, San Remo Trio and the Lovelies.

Show Time – 1964

Mike and Bernie Winters, Jimmy Tarbuck, Ken Morris and Joan Savage, Danny Williams and The Lovelies.

Show Time – 1965

Tommy Trinder, Tony Holland, Rosemary Carroll, Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, Edmund Hockridge, The Monarchs and Show Time Lovelies.

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Show Time – 1966

Des O’Connor, Kenneth McKellar, The Rockin’ Berries, Barbara Law, Jack Douglas and Les Della Chiesa’s.

Show Time – 1967

Dickie Henderson, Andy Stewart, Hope and Keen, The New faces, Johnny and Suma Lamonte and the Caroline Haigh Dancers.

Show Time – 1968

Mike and Bernie Winters, Julius Nehring, Leonard and Beverley Weir, Mike Yarwood, Joe Henderson, Jan Currey and the Ziggy Heine dancers.

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Show Time – 1969

Harry Worth – Mrs Mills – Robert Earl – Ethna Campbell – Freeman & Paige.

North Pier Attractions – 1969 

Show Time – 1970

The Barron Knights, Peter Gordeno, Sheila Southern, Don Maclean, Joe Church, Nigel Hopkins and Patricia Stark.


Show Time – 1971

Freddie and the Dreamers, Jimmy Clitheroe, Valentino, Ken Goodwin, Billy Windsor, Peter Loury, Susan Lamb.

The Comedians – 1972

Frank Carson, George Roper, Duggie Brown, Colin Crompton, Mike Burton, Steve Faye.

Show Time – 1973

Freddie Starr, Jos White, Janet Brown, Paul Melba and Dave Arnold.

Show Time – 1974

Ken Goodwin, Peters and Lee, Mike Newman, Dave Evans, Paul Ridgway, Blayne Barrington, Gwyn Davies and the Orchestra.

Show Time – 1975

Paul Melba, Millican and Nesbitt, Dawson Chance, Jan Currey, Fred Peters Dancers and Gwyn Davies and the Orchestra.

Show Time – 1976

Dukes and Lee, Tom O’Connor, and from ‘Hughie Green’s Opportunity Knocks’ The Wedgwoods, The Mosaics, Sam’s Set, Ellen Taylor, Ola and Barbro and Karen Webb.

Show Time – 1977

Little and Large, Frank Carson, Jim Davidson, Norman Collier, Valente Valente and Paul Conrad and the Orchestra.

Showtime – 1978

Marti Caine, Paul Daniels, Colin ‘fingers’ Henry, Libra Brothers, Jean-Claude and Yvette, and Gwyn Davies and the Orchestra.

Showtime – 1979

The Black Abbots, The Krankies, Roy Walker, Des Lane, Les Dennis and Louisa Jane White and Showtime Dancers.

Showtime – 1980

Cannon and Ball, Roger De Courcey with Nookie Bear, Teddy Peiro and Patricio, Lenny Henry, Jacqui Scott, and Graham Bickley and the Nita Howard dancers.

Showtime – 1981

The Grumbleweeds, Dick Van Winkle, Dave Wolfe and David Copperfield.

Showtime – 1982

The Krankies, The Black Abbots, Pete Price, Al Dean, and Danielle Carson and the Showtime dancers.

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All Laughter Show – 1983

Russ Abbot, Paul Ridgway, Roger De Courcey, Les Dennis, Aliki and the Show Stoppers.

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Show Time – 1984

Lenny Henry and David Copperfield

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All Laughter Show – 1985

Les Dennis and Dustin Gee, Vince Hill, Greg Rogers, Pavlov’s Puppets and John Bishop.

The Russ Abbot Show – 1986

Russ Abbot, Jeff Stevenson, Bella Emberg, Maggie Moone, and the Ray Cornell dancers.

Sunday Show – The Bobby Davro  Show

20 July – 31 August 1986

The Tom O’Connor Road Show – 1987

Tom O’Connor, Mia Carla, Gary Lovini, and The new Bachelors.

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Seaside Spectacular – 7th July – 24th Oct 1987 

Joe Longthorne, Dana, Roy Walker, Roger the Dog and Ward Allen and Gary Lovini.

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The Stan Boardman Show – 1988

Stan Boardman, Rose-Marie, Bobby Crush, Mike Osman, Steve Harvey, Wayne Eagles.

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Seaside Spectacular – Russ Abbot & Friends

6th Sept – 5th Nov 1988

Bella Emberg, Mike Osman, Bright & Breeze.

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The Joe Longthorne Show – 1989

Joe Longthorne, with special guest Maggie Moone and Greg Rogers, Jimmy Tamley with the Ray Cornell Dancers.

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’Allo ‘Allo – 1990

Mike Hughes and Mark Furness.

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Cannon and Ball – 1991

The Platters, Pete Matthews, Mike Doyle and the Dream Girls.

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Wot a Carry On in Blackpool – 1992 

Sundays from 26th July

Barbara Windsor, Bernard Bresslaw.

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The Russ Abbot Show – 1992

1st July – 7th Nov  – Mon to Sat

Bella Emberg, Sherrie Hewson, Gary Lovini, Richard Gauntlett, Andy Grainger.

The Jim Davidson Show – 1993

Jim Davidson, Dave Lee.


Spectacular Summer – 1994

Brian Conley, Hilary O’Neil, Steve Rawlings and Mazeppa.

Blackpool’s Biggest Show – 1995

Les Dennis, Su Pollard, Roy Walker and guest Richard De Vere.

The Good Old Days – – June 1996

Danny La Rue

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The Lily Savage Show – July – Nov 1996 

Lily Savage, Sonia, Russ Watson

It’s a Cracker – May – July 1997 

Sat – Tues – Wed – Thurs

Frank Carson, The Bachelors, Roly Polys, Safire, Pete Lindup

The Big Big Laughter Show – May – July 1998

Sun to Thurs

Johnnie Casson, Mick Miller, Safire, The Bachelors, Neville King, Beryl Johnson

Joe Longthorne in Concert – July – Nov 1998 

Tuesday – Saturday

Legends – 1999

28 May – 30 Oct

Hale & Pace – 2000

5 July – 29 July

Wed – Sat

Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown – 2000

Sat – Sun

The Big Big Laughter Show – 2000

11 July – 24 Oct

The Bachelors Show – 2001

The Bachelors, Bernie Clifton, Steve Royle, Gaynor Connor

The Diamond Jubilee Show – 2001

The Grumbleweeds, Johnnie Casson, Alvin Stardust, The Bopettes.

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