Palace Theatre – Summer Season Programmes

19 June 2012

George and Alfred Black’s summer season shows.


Summer Showboat – 1956

The first of five Summer Season shows

Albert Modley, Edna Savage, Mike and Bernie Winters


The Hylda Baker Show – 1957

Hylda Baker, Tanner Sisters, Odette Crystal


Club Night – 1958

Dave Morris, Margo Henderson, Victor Soverall, Joe Gladwin and the Joan Davis Dancers.


New Look and the Jubilee Show – 1959

Jack Douglas, Joe Baker, Gillian Moran, Roy Castle, Five Dallas Boys, Marion Ryan, and Peter Haigh


Secombe Here – 1960

Harry Secombe, Harry Worth, Ruby Murray and Marvyn Roy


The Frankie Vaughan Show – 1961

Frankie Vaughan, Hetty King, Arthur Worsley

This was the last Summer Season programme

The Palace Theatre closed on the 14th of October 1961, being demolished the next year.