Queens Theatre – Summer Season Programmes

26 October 2011
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The Queen’s Theatre, Bank Hey Street, Blackpool

The Borough Theatre / Bannister’s Borough Bazaar / Feldman’s Theatre

Singing in the Reign – 1953 Summer Season

Josef Locke, Nat Jackley, The Musical Elliotts, Marianne Lincoln, “Anny, Alex and Jo”


Off the Record – 1954 Summer Season

Nat Jackley, Eddie Calvert, Jimmy Clitheroe, The De Vere Girls


Pick of the Pack – 1955 Summer Season

Joan Regan, Ken Platt, The Three Monarchs, Hylda Baker and Jean Bayless


 Ace High – 1956 Summer Season

The Three Monarchs, The Beverley Sisters, Derek Roy, Rona Ricardo, Gillian Moran, John and Rene Arnaut, Lionel Baker, Helen Gray, The Peiro Brothers


Nap Hand – 1957 Summer Season

Terry Hall, Vic Oliver and Jimmy Clitheroe 


You’ll be Lucky – 1958 Summer Season

Al Read, Jimmy Clitheroe, Eve Boswell, Lenny the Lion with Terry  Hall, Rudy Cardenas, Jimmy Currie’s Hungarian Aquascope


Jokers All – 1959 Summer Season

Jimmy Clitheroe and Dickie Henderson


The time of your Life – 1960 Summer Season

George Formby, Jimmy Clitheroe, Yana and Toni Dalli


Fun and Fancy Free – 1961 Summer Season

Al Reed, Yana, Don Arrol, Allan Bruce, Rob Murray and the Two Earls


You’ll see Stars – 1962 Summer Season

Ross Taylor, Tommy Cooper. Nat Jackley, Peter Regan and Nina and Frederik


Putting on the Donigan – 1963 Summer Season

Lonnie Donegan, Des O’Connor, Miki and Griff, Peter Goodwright, Clark Brothers and The Kestrels


The Charlie Deake Show – 1964 Summer Season

Also The Clarke Brothers, The Square Pegs, The Skylons and Marian Davies


The Queen’s Show – 1965 Summer Season

Freddie and the Dreamers, Tommy Cooper, Donald Peers and Jewel and Warriss, devised and produced by Al Heath


The Queen’s Show – 1966 Summer season

Val Doonican, Charlie Chester, Dodie West, Rico and David Gray and Gail


The Queen’s Show – 1967 Summer season

 Al Read, Peter Goodwright, Teddy Johnson & Pearl Carr, Lynn Kennington, Dave Gray & Gail, Ugo Garrido


The Queen’s Show – 1968 Summer season

Josef Locke, The Kaye Sisters, Freddie Davies, Mike Newman, Dick Hurran


The Queen’s Show – 1969 Summer Season

Jimmy Clitheroe, Josef Locke, The Dallas Boys, Alan Randall, Bobby Bennett


The Queen’s Show – 1970 Summer season

Winifred Atwell, Mike Yarwood, Donald Peers, Colin Crompton, Gil Dova, Regina Baranton and Helena Garron


The Queen’s Show  – 1971 Summer Season – Final Year !

Les Dawson, Dora Bryan, Ronnie Hilton, The Mistins, Lennie Bennett