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  1. Many Thanks for this informative site. I currently live on the corner of Hornby Rd and Park Rd in “Courtfields”, i am moving away from Blackpool though in 2 days! I have searched high and low for an image of the house that stood on this site prior to these flats and the college restaurant but to no avail, can anyone help/upload an image?

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource! I was always fascinated as a child by the wishing well and brightly painted figurines outside the Wood Street Mission and used to lean over the bridge to look at them. It’s wonderful to see pictures of my memories! I shall tell the Blackpool history group members on FaceBook to come along here and register for a peek. Once again, Many thanks for all your hard work,

  3. Thank you for educating me, i have learned so much and memories of the past came flooding back, it is a truly great site thank you

  4. I was amazed to find this site
    My grandparents on my dads side used to work at wood street mission
    My grandma was a cook and granddad was a handy man/ caretaker I suppose, I know they lived in
    My brother used to stay with them on holiday and play with the kids who came. All before I was born
    My parents have photos of mum my brother and my grandma outside the front door
    And I’m sure iv seen one of that gnome fishing

  5. David Gregory

    Can anyone tell me where “Daisy Bank” as pictured in the Bispham section is, or was if it’s no longer standing?


    Fantastic web site. I’ve spent all weekend looking these images!

  6. Jacqueline Savage

    I just wanted to to say Thank you for putting together this wonderful site I have so enjoyed looking through your pictures

  7. This has been a great site, my children have shown grandma and grandad all the places in Bispham and our house, they are trying to get their heads round the little boy in our street (4yr old wants to play with him!!!). My mum has enjoyed these photo’s and my dad is from Fleetwood he also has logged on was just a shame I could not have shown my grandparents the history would have been great. Thank you again, sent this to all my friends and family. Who do we contact for copies I would like my street ?

    You could try the library Joanne….

  8. Anne Scholefield

    Many thanks for putting these on line

    I will find the information invaluable for the course I am doing.

    Regards Anne

  9. Allan Seabridge

    I have a photograph of a young man in football kit – shirt, shorts, snake belt, boots. Photographed by Bland Wolfenden of 138 Central Drive, Blackpool – no date, Negative No. 2352. Is anyone interested?? I would like to identify the sitter.

  10. What a fantastic site. Its great to see all the old postcards. What reminders. I have lived in the middle east for 20 years so its great to see these lovely sights.

  11. David Stevens

    Oh how wonderful to see this collection. Wish I still had some of my programmes from 1956 to 1966.Trying so hard to find the 1960 BIg Show at the Opera House and the 1959 Adam Faith at the old Hippodrome
    Well done

  12. Great to see all the old photos love looking back to see how places used to look excellent work and amazing collection

  13. very impressed just love looking at images of blackpool in the 1880, keep up the good work

  14. I was fascinated to see your old postcards of Blackpool. As a child I lived at Courtfields in Hornby Road from 1947 to 1949 when my father taught at the hotel school. One question/ Is it possible to buy copies of your 3 postcards of Hornby Road?

  15. Many thanks for the painstaking work it must have taken to put this collection together and publish it to the web for the enjoyment of others.

    Blackpool’s heritage as a British seaside resort from its inception in Victorian times to how it became established through the first half of the 20th century.

    Our own property can just about me made out in the shot of Moore Street taken in the street outside the Old Coach House which is reputed to be the oldest house in South Shore.

    We also have completely refurbished in the last couple of years and discovered dates written onto the walls behind layer after layer of wallpaper stretching back to the early 20th century (maybe it was a tradition in Blackpool in those days?).


    I am very impressed with the collection of images and postcards you have collected, It has brought back some very good memories of the time i lived in south shore Blackpool i have bookmarked this site to look back at Blackpool’s heritage i will be telling friends and family about your awsome site with its great collection very well done thanks.

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