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  1. You have a very impressive collection of local postcards and ephemera. No history in Blackpool according to the critics. They must be joking!

    Keep up the good work!

    Terry Regan, Blackpool

  2. Great site, fascinating photos/cards.
    Brought back lots of memories.
    My parents were the last licencees of the Talbot Hotel and we lived there when I was 5.
    Before the Talbot, they had the Railway and afterwards the Manchester.

  3. Fascinating to look at your old postcards. The one on the Marton Section showing Waterloo Road and Hawes Side Lane is of particular interest to me. The chimneys above the old tram shed are still there today on the gable end of Box Bros. Ltd. Could you please tell me a date if there was one on the postcard.

  4. Jimmy Gilliard

    I have been viewing your site for a couple of months now and never tire of looking at old Blackpool. I was born and bred here in High Street after my parents were evacuated to the town during the Blitz and never went back to London. I still live here and your site brings back so many memories.

    Thank you.

  5. Brilliant web site, well put together. A window into the towns past. Have spent hours on the site and will return many times more.


  6. Looked at this site with my Dad and couldn’t believe we found Myrtle House, Maybell Avenue. (Now Abingdon Street. ) Dad lived there, until he married, when his Mum and Dad ran a hotel there called The Myrtle from about 1946 to the early 60s. Granny (Kitty) and Grandpa also bought the house next door so they ended up with quite a decent sized place. They sold it in about 1963 so I don’t remember it at all. Lovely to see it on the website.

  7. Michele Hornby

    A wonderful site! (I live in Canada)

  8. It was nice to finally find a photograph of my house when the road Hesketh Place(now Warbreck Drive)opposite Hesketh Avenue. My house is the 3 storey house on the photo. It was built in 1901/2 and owned by Amelia and George Knight(Bricklayer and building company owner). Behind the houses were the Bispham Tram Depot, electricity station and chimney(now Sainsbury’s) On the 1905 ordanance survey map of Bispham my house was the last one on Hesketh Place next to feilds that joined onto lanes near the church(Reformed Church, Cavendish Rd).

  9. Absolutely fascinating to see these old street photo’s.
    I am creating an index of names appearing in old Blackpool newspapers. Some of these places match with my index and i’ve only just started.

  10. I stumbled over this site when I Googled “Layton”. I live in the US now, but used to live on Norwood Avenue, back in the 1970s. It is so wonderful to see a picture of Norwood back in 1915, and there’s my house as it was then. I have very fond memories of Layton and Blackpool and I always remember my grandmother, who grew up around Layton in the 1920s describing how it was in “her day”. This site is a window into that era and her life. Please keep up the great work in this site!!

  11. Jayne Beaumont

    This site is amazing! I love looking at pictures of Blackpool of old and it’s sad to say that Blackpool seemed to be a much more aesthetically pleasing place years ago. It has changed so much over the years, sadly in many cases not for the better. Well done on this web site. I have spent the last hour looking at places on Google Streetview to see how they look today. X

  12. One hardly needs a time machine to visit 19th and early 20th century Blackpool with your website available. You make one feel like they were there.

  13. What a fascinating site you have. I own the large property that is on Chesterfied Road on the corner with Sherbourne Avenue. I would love to see some postcards that might feature my house and appreciate how it looked in days gone by. A few years ago i stripped off some wall paper upstairs and underneath was written ‘papered by fred morris june 10th 1907’. I think the property may have been called Chesterfield Lodge at some point, but have no way of verifying this. I am very pleased to say that the house is very much how it was and has not been divided up into flats as many of the neighbouring properties have.

  14. Derek Barraclough

    Hi, what a brilliant site, I have spent hours looking and re-looking at these images. My particular interest is Brunswick Street. You say that some have appeared in books, have these? I’ll keeping popping back for my Blackpool fix. Regards, derek.

  15. Hello i would just like to say what a brillaint website this is. I am looking for any postcards or pictures or just a map showing osborne road south shore Blackpool

  16. what a great site you have, been looking over the postcards
    most before my time but really interesting, did you know that Weeton Camp was the home for the Lancashire Fusiliers for a short while after they closed Wellington Barracks in Bury.
    I have been to Weeton camp myself on quite a few training weekends but was a bit different than the Postcards show
    it was all hutted then.
    Brought back many a great weeknd spent in Blacpool.

  17. Love this site, fascinated by the old postcards, makes me wonder how they can pull down lovely old buidlings to make way for modern monstrosities, I have emailed the link to my Dad a 79 year old sandgronun born at home in Ribble Road he will love this site too.

  18. Jane Metcalfe

    What an amazing site! I live in Carlisle now but my parents are still in Layton where they have resided since the late 60s (Annesley Avenue to be exact) and I love the Layton Institute pic. Not changed at all has it?

    Thanks so much for this site, I love it. 🙂

  19. Great site – spent hours looking at these!!

    Imperial Terrace clearly shows my hotel The Canasta (next door to the Carlton)

  20. great site showing the great heritage of Blackpool which is often overlooked. I am doing a piece of work at the moment in partnership with Watson Road Park Friends relating to the Loos trenches and would be grateful if I could use copies of some of your postcard images (the ones I have not yet obtained originals of in my collection ) to help develop a public information / Education board for the park.
    David Oxley,
    Blackpool Heritage Champion Project.

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