Winter Gardens – Summer Season Programmes

14 June 2011
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1894 – Summer Season


1897 – Summer Season


1928 – Summer Season

From 1945 to 1948 the Theatre was used as a Cinema

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Annie Get Your Gun – 1949

 Barbara Shotter, Neville Mapp

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Take it from Here – 1950 

Jimmy Edwards, Joy Nichols, Dick Bentley

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Over the Garden Wall – 1951

Senor Carlos, Anna Mac and Canfield Smith

Happy Landings – 1952

Ronnie Ronalde, Freddie Sales

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Something to Sing About – 1953

Allan Jones, Ken Platt, Morecambe & Wise, Harry Worth and Jean Bayless

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Happy Holiday – 1954

Terry Thomas, David Whitfield, Freddie Frinton and Stella Moray

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Sing a Happy Song – 1955

David Whitfield, Bill Waddington, Peter Colville, Vic Gordon, Dagenham Girl Pipers, Semprini and Norma Lowdon

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The Dave King Show – 1956

Dave King, Jill Day, Mrs Shuttlewick, Margaret West, Howard Jones, Reggie Arnold and Warren, Devine and Sparks

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Startime – 1957

Bob Monkhouse, Joan savage, The Three Romanos, Ken Morris and Karen Greer

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Hylda Baker Show – 1958

Hylda Baker, Harry Bailey

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Pot Luck – 1959

Charlie Chester, Hedley Ward Trio, Joan Davis Dancers and Marian Miller

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Don’t Stop-You’re Killing Me! – 1960

Bob Monkhouse, The Peters Sisters, Rob Murray, The Trotter Brothers, Kazbek and Zari, Trio Vitalites and Jerry Desmonde

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Putting On the Donegan – 1961

Lonnie Donegan, John Tiller girls, Norman Vaughan, Suzi Miller and The Dallas Boys

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The Arthur Haynes Show – 1962

Nicholas Parsons, Danny Williams, Ken Morris, Joan Savage, and John Tiller Girls

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The Starlight Room – 1963

David Whitfield, The Vernon Girls, The Dallas Boys, Maria Neglia and Pinky and Perky

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The Dick Emery Show – 1964

Colin Crompton, Clinton Ford, The Kaye Sisters and Eddie Calvert

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The Happy Holiday Show – 1965

Jimmy Clitheroe, Susan Maughan and Kenny Ball

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The Arthur Haynes Show – 1966

Arthur Haynes, Susan lane, Des Lane, Barbara Halliwell, The Gale Boys, Dermot Kelly, Leslie Noyes, Rita Webb and Tony Fayne

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The Kathy Kirby Show – 1967

Kathy Kirby, Jimmy Logan, Ted Rogers, Donald Peers, Johnny Hackett

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The Tommy Copper Show – 1968

Vince Hill, Lyn Kennington, Chris Kirby, The Five Medifreds, Leigh Foster and Vreni Zullig

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The Student Prince – 1969

John Hanson and Barbara Strathdee

1970 – Split Season

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The Norman Wisdom Show (Until Aug, 15th)

Joan Turner, Nino Frediani, Reg Thompson and Tony Fayne

The Desert Song 

John Hanson

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Hair – 1971

Beverly Clayton, Colin Cook and Vilma Laryea

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The Good Old Days – 1972

Tessie O’Shea, Ben Warriss, Ronnie Ronalde, Joe Church, Rod Hull and Emu, Bernie Clifton and Tony Cawley

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Love Thy Neighbour – 1973

Jack Smethurst, Rudolph Walker and Nina Baden-Semper

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The Liver Birds – 1974

Polly James, Mollie Sugden, Tom Browne, William Moore, Sheila Fay. Rachel Davies, Frank Marlborough and Chet Townsend

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The Mating Season – 1975

Sid James, Audrey Jeans, Bill Waddington, Rose Alba, Dorothy Dampier, Anne Scott–Jones, Sarah Maxwell, Keith Morris, Brian Godfrey and Valerie Fyfer

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Are You Being Served ? – 1976

John Inman, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, Wendy Richard, Nicholas Smith, Larry Noble, Stuart Sherwin, Michael Mundell, Barbara Rosenblat, Petra Siniawski and Raymond Bowers

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The Eric Sykes Show – 1977

Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques, Deryck Guyler, Joy Harrington, Queenie Cavette and Nigel Hamilton

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Get Some In! – 1978

Tony Selby, Gerard Ryder, David Janson, Karl Howman, Brian Pettifer, Cyril Appleton, Virginia Drinkwater, Trudy Howsen and Pam Cunningham

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The Country Music Show – 1979

George Hamilton IV, Raymond Froggatt, Laney Smallwood, Pete Sayers and The Mintings