Carnival 1923-24

22 January 2010

The first Blackpool Carnival took place from 9th-16th June 1923 and was the greatest ever of its kind. During those eight crowded days of processions and pageants, about two million people visited Blackpool.

Hundreds of excursion trains poured into the town, all packed full of fun seekers. A road census showed that 50,965 cars, motorcycles and charabancs entered Blackpool by way of Preston Road and Garstang Road. The Carnival made history.


Pictorial souvenir booklet for the 1923 Carnival


King Carnival – Doodles


1923 – Central Promenade


1923 – Central Promenade 


1923 – Promenade near to the Palace 


Souvenir medal for the 1923 Carnival 


1923 Belt buckle

Carnival & Opening of the Open Air Swimming Baths 


Souvenir programme for the 1924 Carnival


King – Doodles                 Queen – Fred Warmsley 


1924 – Favourites of the Ring 


1924 – Pride of the Orient 


1924 – Empire Tableaux 



1924 – Jester – J. Pullin 



1924 – King & Queen Carnival and Jester, plus Mayor Brooks 



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