Tower – Midget Town

27 June 2012

John Lester’s Midget’s

In 1927 Midget Town opened in the Tower’s Roof Gardens. The town included a sports club, town hall, post office and garage. It was populated by a troupe of midgets – Lester’s Midgets, who appeared there for three years and then at the Tower Circus for many years afterwards


Advert from 1928  for the midgets at the Tower Circus


The Midget Mansion

A miniature house of 11 rooms, completely furnished in midget detail


The Midget Museum


Midget Town – The Tower


Miss Dollie Griffith

Age 23 – Height 43 in.


The Midgets Miniature Minuet


Miss Florrie Hall, aged 26, height 40 in


Some of the Lilliputian Ladies


The Famous Franks Brothers (Leonard & Semon)


The Famous Franks Brothers (Leonard & Semon)


Midget Grenadiers and Sergeant Major


Three Musketeers of the Guards


Major Marco, Mayor of John Lester’s Midget Town


Midget Ladies – “Jazzing”


John Lester’s Lilliputian Ladies


The Dresden China Clock Scena


Wedding of Mr. & Mrs.Max Chrysler – 1928


Mr. & Mrs. Max Chrysler

Married June 6th 1928 at St. Stephen’s on the cliffs

Appeared at the Tower Circus


Princess Hani – Smallest woman on earth


Peter, Paul and Princess Hani – World’s smallest trio


‘A fight to a finish’


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